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Chemical Elements

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Atomic Number: 11Atomic Mass:23Melting Point:208 degrees FBoiling Point:1621 degrees FNumber of Protons11/Electrons:11 Number of Neutrons: 12Classification: Akali Metal.Color: Silver.


HISTORYSodium is a earth element but it was first isolated by Humphry Davy in 1807. He did this by using the electrolysis of a very dry molten sodium hydroxide.

CHEMICAL PROPERTIESSodium is highly reactive with water. Sodium is also flammable it burns with a green and yellow flame. Sodium will also oxidate.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIESSodium is silver. Sodium has the density of 0.97 grams per square inch, and the atomic mass of 22.9898 anu. Sodium is soft. Sodium is lusterious.

The Uses Of Sodium In Our LivesSodium is used in table salt and is a key component in our body. Sodium helps our brain work and other parts of our nervous system. Sodium is used in curing foods so it will still preserved. Sodium is also used in baking soda.

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