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SodapopBy:Laura M. Kaila F.Wendy M. John B. Alyssa L.

Intellectual Traits

Physical Traits

Sodapop intelligence would be described as wise, has common sense. Even though he dropped out of school and he isn’t book smart but he is street smart.This character knows right from wrong, he also knows how to understand everybody. Ponyboy said in the story that whenever he has a problem he would always go to Soda because Soda understands.Sodapops intellect is more wise compared to the others.I think this character is smart enough to live in the world that he lives in only because he has a job, which means he can provide for himself. He works at a gas station and even though you don’t need to be that smart for that job, at least it pays.As the story develops the character learns about himself and his feelings. At the end Darry and Ponyboy get into another argument and meanwhile Soda is always the one to cheer everyone up he started to break down and cry because he couldn’t stand to see his brothers fight.

~Sodapop has light-brown, almost-red hair, greenish-gray eyes, his hair is longer than most boys hair, and he's a greaser. -Sodapop physical role in the story is always happy and grinning.~Sodapop changed he started fighting with his brothers more and becoming more aggressive.-These changes affected sodas experience because he can stand up for himself.

1)“I dont know. It's just…. I can't stand to hear y’all fight. Sometimes…. I just have to get out or… It’s like i'm the middleman in a tug o’ war and i’m being split in half. You dig” page 1752) “He likes to show off his muscles” - Soda talking about Darry3) “We’re all we’ve got left. We ought to be able to stick together against everything.” page 1764) “I mean, I can't take sides. It'd be a lot easier if i could, but I see both sides”5) "I am a JD and a hood. I blacken the name of our fair city.I beat up people. I rob gas station. I am a menace to society. Man, do I have fun!”6) “ I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me".

Most of the time soda pop is feeling happy and go lucky probably because all the girls are in love with him and he’s one of the most popular and the best looking out of the greasers. His feelings change throughout the story because in the beginning he is so happy and so in love but as the story goes on his girlfriend breaks up with him because moves to Florida because her parents didn’t want her marrying Soda. This character has a lot of self confidence in himself because he is attractive and a lot of girls like him so it boosts his confidence. Also he is very strong and has a good amount of muscle tone so that will give him a fair share of confidence also. When Soda is faced with challenges in the story he gets pretty emotional and acts strongly on how he feels. I feel like Soda is the most caring out of the Curtis brothers and has a soft side but doesn't show it often because the other greasers would make fun of him for it.

Soda Pop gets along with more people than he would around others. He likes people that have the same interests and traits. Soda stands highly in the greaser world because his looks and attitude. He has many friends and a had a girlfriend Sandy. Sandy left Soda because she didn't want to marry him, because she cheated on soda, not only that she was pregnant. Soda was still willing to help the baby even if it wasn't his, but Sandy said no. Soda’s socials standing does effect the story because even though he is a popular person, he is still a greaser. And greasers aren't very popular unless in their own neighborhood. Soda also has a has a high standing in his family's eyes, he has a good relationship with both his brothers, but he doesn't like when they fight because he always gets put in between the fights. This affected the other character thoughts about how Soda has emotions too.

This character believes that the way of life is Greasers and Socs are separate and will never get along.These beliefs are based on where they are living because that's how things work there.This affects the choices sodapop makes by basing people by if they are a greaser and what kind of greasers or if they are a Soc.His beliefs change through the story by how he sees greasers and Socs as.Others do share the same like ponyboy.


Emotional Traits

Social Traits

Philosophical Traits


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