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Family LifeSocrates was born in Athens around 470 BCE. His father was Sophroniscus who was a sculptor and his mother was Phaenarete, a midwife. His family was not very wealthy, but he was destined to become one of the greatest teachers of the Western world. He married Xanthippe, and they had three sons. He was very well aquainted with Plato and Xenophon.

SocratesBy: Jiwon Lee

September 23, 2013

Map of Athens, Greece

What was he famous for?-Socrates was most famous for his free, unique way of establishing relationships with people. He would wander around the streets and squares of Athens engaging anyone who was willing to talk. He even made his conversation partners ask themselves questions and become aware of themselves, and the morality of their actions.

Motto:Know Thyself!

AppearanceHe is said to have been rather unattractive, with a pug nose, bulging eyes, and a large mouth. He normally wore an old cloak and went out barefoot.



The DeathMany Athenians found Socrates as irritating. They believed the only way to stop him was to get rid of him. He was falsely accused of ruining youth and introducing new gods, and was sentencd to death. He had a chance to run away but did not. Socrates wanted to be true to himself to the very end. To end it all, he calmly drank the poison hemleck in 399 BCE.

Impact on SocietySocrates influenced other Greek philosophers and the ones today.


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