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Make-up Quizzes or Exams following an Excused Absence: Each student will have a reasonable number of school days to complete a quiz or exam missed due to an excused absence. In this classroom, a reasonable number of school days is no more than seven. After the 7 day grace period, the respective quiz / exam grade will be zero. Please keep in mind that the grace period in this classroom gives you 6 days over and above what is required by the school administration.In cases of legitimate emergency, the classroom teacher reserves the right to wave all late penaltiesLate Assignments: The No Assignment Form is LINKED BELOW!! This form is your second chance to be responsible!! If you forget to complete an assignment, you should fill out this form and turn it in. Here are the rules: 1) You may use ONLY 3 No Assignment forms. The use of a No Assignment form will be logged in the grade book. 2) The No Assignment form MUST be turned in the day the assignment is due when the assignment is collected - No Exceptions!! 3) The No Assignment forms will be calculated into your average as a zero % until the assignment is made up. If a No Assignment form is turned in in lieu of an assignment, you will receive full credit for the assignment when it is submitted. 4) All missing assignments MUST be submitted no later than one week prior to the final day of the quarter. Any assignments submitted after this date WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and WILL REMAIN A ZERO % IF YOU DO NOT TURN IN A NO ASSIGNMENT FORM, YOUR LATE ASSIGNMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED - NO EXCEPTIONS Please remember . . . work that is submitted late will not constitute a grading emergency and will be graded after any current assignmentsBlended Schools Academy:If you are taking this course as a part of the BSA, please follow the course as if you were in the classroom. All resources and materials have been provided to you, it will be your responsibility to make good use of them. It is my expectation that you follow the timeline provided. While a BSA student does have a bit more flexibility, the timeline is provided to help you to be successful in the course and complete your credit on time. Please read all instructions carefully, looking for directions that apply specificially to BSA students.

For a quick response . . . lisa_hollenbach@pasd.us717-838-1331

The syllabus is a very important document!Here you will find a brief outline of the course as well as an explanation of grading policies, class expectations, and required materials. The document is linked below !!



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