Sociocultural Theory

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Social Studies

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Sociocultural Theory

**Vygotsky**-Tips for teaching--direct instruction, modeling, collaborative learning-scaffolding-dynamic exchanges between teachers and students, where teachers provide just enough support

SocioCultural Theory-Vygotsky's perspective of Cognitive Development

Role of language-the most important tool!provides a way to express ideas, ask questions, provides categories and concepts for thinking, links to past and future. Language as private speech guides cognitive development

Ideas in common:• Piaget’s “the “match”- [Students shouldn’t be bored by work or be left behind by not understanding.]• Vygotsky’s “zone of proximal development” [the zone between the students current ability level and their frustration level]

The big idea- social interactions influence cognitive development-social sources of individual thinking-role of cultural tools in learning and development-zone of proximal development

social sources of individual thinking-higher mental processes are co-constructed during shared activies between child and another person-this is the origin of higher level processes like problem solving

Looking at Cognitive Development

Role of tools in supporting learning and development: technical tools: rulers, graph paper, computers, mobile devices, assistive technology)psychological- assist with higher order mental processes (examples:signs and symbol systems [language and number systems] braille, sign language, maps, works of art, concepts, problem solving strategies)

**Piaget** Tips for teachers-understand and build on children's thinking- observe students as they problem solve -have students actively engaged in learning (including physical and mental manipulation of objects)


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