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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Society Science

Society Science

by Kody, Abbey and Olivia

The peasants did many things for the kingdom such as baking, farming and toolworking and many others. They were often poor and started working at the age of 12. They lived I'm cottages with 1 or 2 rooms. They ate things like rabbit and pig and carrots. They wore felt hats, woolen jackets, leather moccasins and woolen roll-up hose.


The clergy took care of the spiritual well being and the people of the kingdom. The village priest had often grown up in the town that he served. Some priests where also bishops. In the eyes of the king, they where as important as nobles. All members of the clergy had a special form of dress and they did not marry. Abbots where in charge of the maranstanaries and abbesses.


The nobility would lived in a castle or manor.They would ate meals that they hunted. Kings would wear crowns and fur- lined silk robes queens would wear crowns and gowns.boys began training for knight hood at approximately age seven.



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