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Society & Co.

One company with great Corporate Social Responsibility is SPH (Singapore Press Holdings)SPH is Asia's main leading media organisation.One of their Corporate Social Responsibility includes volunteers from SPH distributing festive bags to 120 senior citizens living in 1-room flats at Toa Payoh Lorong 1 on the 21st of January 2016. SPH conducted the event to spread some festive cheer and joy to the residents in Toa Payoh, since Chinese New Year was around the corner then. The festive bags contained around $50 worth of hot cereal, tea, cream crackers, rice, bread, canned food, tissue, toothpaste and Mandarin Orange.Also, recently, on the 6th SPH Charity Carnival held on the 8th of May 2016, SPH divisions raised a record collection of more than $7000. The yearly charity bazaar provides an opportunity for SPH divisions and other external organisations involved to raise funds for various cause. SPH also planted a tree, known as the Purple Milletia, in Botanic Gardens in 1889. SPH planted the tree so as to green Singapore and make Singapore a city in a garden.

Society & Co.

Life is not all about money. Rich people are not recognised because they are rich, but rather because they have god CSR. Rich people like Bill Gates and Carlos Slim are often well-recognised for their philantrophic act rather than their wealth. In fact, if you are rich but selfish, you will probably be looked down instead.


I chose this box because one of my module did talk about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). It did list down some companies with good CSR. Therefore, I am quite familiar with this topic, which make it easy for me to do this.

As a citizen, one can try to contribute back to society. The society have raised you up. You can even do simple acts like donating money to the poorer ones. If possible, you should do volunteer work as that is where your sincerity comes in. A good citizen would show their gratitude to the society by making it better. In fact, CSR includes Legal responsibility which means you avoid breaking the law. This may look small but if all of us avoid breaking the law, Singapore would be a safe country with a low crime rate.



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