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The Socially Networked Classroom: Teaching in the New Media AgeBy William KistA book review by Kevin Hodgson

A great opening quote from the book:"This book takes the stand that the writing is on the wall or rather on the screen: Schools are going to have to move past whatever barriers exist and closer to the literacy practices increasingly used in the 'outside world.'" (p. 6)

What others say

"The innovative classroom activities in this engaging book will inspire teachers to help students acquire digital-media literacies for collaborating on and sharing their work—literacies essential for participation in a networked world."—Richard Beach

"Kist writes as a learner should, sharing what he discovers along the way. I like even more that he asks important questions while capturing how he and several other master teachers have attempted to ask and answer them with their own students. You will, too."—Bud Hunt,

This is another great book by William Kist: New Literacies in Action

And ....

I think this book belongs right alongside many of the others now coming out that provide a clear path for teachers wondering how to take that first step into the world of new media. There are many anchors here -- rubrics, lesson plans and insights from teachers. And Kist includes his own journey into the networked world ... with valuable insight. While I don't think this book breaks new ground, necessarily, I do think it is a valuable resource and worth your time. -- Kevin

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