Socialist Utopian

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Socialist Utopian

Robert Owen was a poor Welsh farmer who grew up to be a successful mill owner.Believed in the welfare of the employee first rather than the organization.He believed in equal opportunities for all and wanted villages that were cooperative and fought for proper social conditions.He introduced his view on socialism to create a village of cooperation thus making it utopian.


The policies of socialism were well received by thw orkers in the village.Because Owen put their interest in mind first, the work environments were safe and proper for the workers with fair wages.Furthermore, Robert Owen constructed a school system for the children of the villagers for he did not believe in child labor nor that people should live uneducated.

Lasting Impact

Robert Owen instituted the definition of a perfect community that is still modeled after today


World Book: "Owen, Robert" "Socialism"Cartoon: "A Quick Definition of Social Darwinism"Bates, F. New Harmony. 1838. Engraving

Socialist Utopian



New Harmony

Social Darwinism is the belief that people in society have to compete with others to survive and that superior races, social groups, and individuals will rise to the top and own everything and everyone.Robert Owen points out the flaw that there should be no superiority over workers but that in order to thrive everyone must work in unity.


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