Social Welfare

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Social Welfare

Social welfare policies provide benefits, cash, or in-kind, to individuals, based on entitlement or means testing. This encompasses a large sector of the economy. It aims to assisst and support specific groups in society. From social security to women's rights, social welfare aids many people.

I am all for social welfare. I believe in is an important sector of the economy and must not be ignored. People that are in need of help must be aided, so I do believe it works. I do believe some people abuse this privilege, so more must be done to regulate the spending.

Social Welfare


Polititcal Cartoon

The election of 1932 was a day that changed America forever. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected, and social welfare became an integral part of government. The New Deal implemented many programs to help Americans during an economic crisis. In the decades that followed, politicians have created policies that aim to improve the well-being of the people.


Important Legislation

One of the most important acts passed was the Social Security Act of 1935. Caring for the elderly was the responsibility of state and local governments. After debate with Congress, the bill was passed, and this social welfare policy is a huge portion of government spending. It involves paying for retired employees based on the number of years they have worked. A percentage of income is taxed from people that work.

Policy Evaluation

Major Policy Actors

In recent news, many Americans are not satisfied with Obamacare. They feel it has placed a major strain on the working-class and spending must be limited. Polls are beginning to suggest that states that had previously voted Democrat are beginning to shift in the direction of the Republicans, hoping that welfare spending will be limited.

Current Issues

Due to the fact that social welfare is such a broad subject, many congressional committes are involved in the legislative process. A few of the committees involved are the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, House Committee on the Judiciary, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Interest Groups try to make their voice heard. Some of these groups include the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People, National Organization of Women, and National Rifle Organization.

Tools & Strategies

In today's government, the Republicans view social welfare as a system that has created too much poverty and substantial cuts are needed. The Democrats prefer spending more money on those that need it and think Republicans push for a "you're-on-ypur-own" system, which will keep many of the impoverished poor.

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