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Social Studies

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social studies

Before I begin I would like to tell you what this project is about. This project is about the nile and it's impact on egypt's culture and society.Hi my name is Keriston and I am here to explain the nile and It's impact on egypt.Without the nile egpyt wouldnt be here today. The nile also gives the ancient egpytians food,water and other resources. The nile made egpyt what it is today. The Country is made right beside the nile river. These are not very good impacts on egpyt but 2 incidents happened that killed alot of people in egypt around that time. Around the time 599 B.C there was a battle around this time period over the nile river. Many believe that their was a battle because pharoahs were so hash. Last but surely not least the west nile had some kind of sickness going around that also killed a lot of people in egypt around the same time. So the nile was a huge impact on egyptians alright the nile had its ups and downs but the nile also helped egypt become what it is today.

sources: thinkquest nile the book columbia electronic encyclopedia good morning america.

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