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Social Studies

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Social studies

Chapter 11s3

In return Muslim traders brought luxuray goods that they didn't have in Africa

Muslims conquerd the coastal parts. Askum kept its control of the major trade routes linking Africa with Europe and Asia.

Muslim traders from Arabia also brought their religion and language to these African city-states

The Bantu speaking people of Zimbabwe were the ancestors of todays Shona people.

Trade Thrived in East Africa because the religion suplied goods such as gold and ivory that were very scarce outside of Africa

Ivory was one of the main goods they controlled. The people of Aksum also exchanged ideas and beliefs with the merchants as they traded goods

Far away as India, the merchants of Aksum traded goods.

Overtime Aksum conqured much of the southern Arabia and modern day Ethiopia

Rich civilizations began to develop in southern Arabia and northeastern Africa along the Red Sea

After Muslims gained control of The Indian Ocean trade, More trade centers were developed along the east coast of Africa

King Ezana of Askum during the 300s a.d learned about a new religion christianity the king became a christian himself and made christianity the official religion of the kingdom

City-State= a city that is also a seperate , independent state Swahili= a Bantu language with Arabic words, spoken along the East African coast Great Zimbabwe= a powerful southeastern African city

Most people that lived in the city were poor farmers.

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Large herds of cattle were importent form of whealth.



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