Social Skills

by KendraErickson
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Social Skills

Following Instructions1. Look at Person2. Say okay3. Do what you've been asked4. Check back with Person

Social Skills

How To Greet People1. Look at the Person2. Smile3. Use a pleasant Voice4. Say, "Hello" or "Hi"

Taking Turns1. Look at the person3. Use a nice voice to ask 4. Say please and thank you5. Return the Item if asked

How to Get The Teachers Attention1. Look at the teacher2. Raise hand and stay patient3. Wait for teacher to be ready4. Ask question or say comment

Asking For Help1. Look at the Person2. Ask if they have time to help3. Clearly explain what you need4. Thank the person

How to Apologize1. Look at person2. Use Sincere Voice3. Begin with "I'm sorry for..."4. Explain how you will improve5. Say thank you for listening

How to Listen


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