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Social Security Admin.

Over time the original social security act has went through many changes and amendments. Some of the important changes the original social security act went through was is broaden to include survivor benefits, disability benefits, health-care benefits, and automatic cost-of-living adjustments.

Social Security Admin.

Franklin Roosevelt

"Social Security," emerged in 1935 as part of the Nation's response to the plight of its elderly.

By 1934, 30 States had responded by providing pensions for the needy aged, total expenditures for State programs for the aged that year were $31 million--an average of $19.74 a month per aged person. As the Depression worsened, benefits to individuals were cut further to enable States to spread available funds among as many people as possible.

The original social security act was created to help retired workers, by paying them a continuing income after retirement. Today social security has grown to become an essential factor of modern life. One in every six Americans receives a social security benefit and about ninety-eight percent of all workers are in jobs covered by social security.

August 14, 1935

Elders were happy this act was passed . Now they wouldnt suffer from poverty anymore!!!

Thanks Frankie Poo!

Its first amendment was in 1939, which added two new categories to the benefits. These categories are payment of the spouse and minor children of retired workers and survivor benefits paid to family in the event of the premature death of the worker.

Second amendment which raised benefits for the first time ever and placed the program on the road to the virtually universal coverage it has today. Then it went through its third amendment, which added a disability insurance program that provides the public with additional coverage against economic insecurity. In 1956 the social security act was amended to provided benefits to disabled workers. In the beginning the social sec...


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