Social Reconstructionism

by skann11
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Social Reconstructionism

Social Reconstructionists believe:1. that our society is unhealthy and that its very survival is threatened. 2. that something can be done to keep society from destroying itself.Social Recontructiomism focus:1. the idea of constant change and emphasizes addressing of social questions 2. a quest to create a better society and worldwide democracy. 3. a curriculum that highlights social reform (as the aim of education)

Reconstructiomism through Education

•Reflect democratic ideals and emphasize civic education•Opportunity for students to gain first hand experience in studying real social problems and controversial issues•Students consider societal problems such as place of ethics in improving quality of life, conserve natural resources, and issues of foreign policy and naturalism.

Teaching Strategies

DiscussionReflectionInquiry DialogueCommunity-based learningService Learning



Social Recontructionism


Social Justice

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