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Social networking

What Is Social Networking?Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small communities. Although social networking is possible in person, the workplace, and/or school, online networking is becoming more familiarized as the years go by. Networks, such as facebook, instagram, and so on are very popular among teens, for the following reasons:>>Easy way to share their lives with their friends and family.>>Gives them a chance to create a new identity. >>A form to communicate without adult supervision.

Social Networking

Many will agrue that social networking has advanced our communication skills, via being a prodictive method. The saying, " what goes up, must come down", reflects the same risk/benefits social networking can attain. When using social networking one must be careful with the information we release. Teens on SN sites are mainly at risk, due to the fact that they are not informed properly. Many share personal information which leaves them vulnerable to people who want to harm them. Also, there is the possibility of them posting/sharing inappropriate or illegal content, and not knowing the consequences such as decreasing future academic and employment purposes.


Students: 1. Think about what you post. Are they appropriate? (Read between the “lines”)2. Be smart when using a cellphone. GPS and other technologies can pinpoint your location. Check settings and only share what you want to share. 3. Do you know who your followers are? Do not add strangers and block anyone who is harrassing, threatening, and etc. 4. Review your account settings, question who is allowed to view your profile. 5. Inform yourself of app., some can get access to your personal information

Report inappropriate or criminal behavior at For further info visit;



Parents 1. What are they posting? Have great communication in order for them to trust you enough to keep you in the loop about their social networks.2. Stay updated on new networks and applications, review information and the agreement disclaimers.3. Who are they talking to? Get familiar with who they are talking with. Check the profiles of your child;s friends to see if there is revealing information or photos about you child. 4. Disscuss internet safty with your child, about what is appropriate and for their own well being.



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