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Social Network Thing

What is Social Media?Social media is made up of a variety of different websites and applications which all serve the one purpose: to connect with other users. These include Reddit, Facebook, Instagram etc. and all allow people to share or post items at any time.

The idea of Snapchat is to take pictures of what you're currently doing and send themto one or more of your friends for a temporary time and vice versa. This works the same for video.

Google Plus allows users to talk to oneanother, send and recieve posts, expressopinions, like or dislike Youtube videos, comment on Youtube videos and has very similarconcepts to Facebook, although it's not nearlyas popular, depsite having much better privacypolicies. All of this is across all smart devicesand computers.

Twitter allows users to "tweet", which is making posts, and allows

users to communicate, not only with their peers, but with celebrities anywhere in the world too. This can be done through pictures, video or text via "tweets". Twitter enables a wide amount of communication but discourages personal identity so most users remain anonymous.

Pintrest is very similar to Twitter in manyways but instead of "tweeting" something,one "pins" it. Pintrest is also widely used forrecipes and ideas for fun things to do around your home.

Instagram is one of the most mainstreamsocial media applications out there. It onlycomes in app form and is similar to Snapchat in that you can share picturesand videos as well as view other people'sbut is similar to Google Plus as it allowsyou to comment on them and what's posted can be viewed permanently. Most people use it in a similar way to Snapchat but on a more general level rather than a conversation level.



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