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Social Media

Social media has both its benifits and downfalls. Let it be to making an online album to experimenting with stranger's emotions. However social media is mainly determined on how we use it and how much we use it. Sure social media is the new trend and we are probably going to need to use it later in the future. But there is a limit on how and how much you use it since that will be the border that crosses from safe to dangerous.

The idea that facebook did a psychological study with the people’s direct consent is awful. This idea was risky and dangerous if what researchers said about people emotions being affected were true. With emotions being manipulate, there is no telling what will happen. Sure this idea was meant for the benefits of the user but to do this to half a million random people is not the way to go.

Social Media can be used as a dangerous tool

Social Media can be used as a helpful tool

Social Media

Is it a helpful or a dangerous tool?

"Facebook Tinkers With Users' Emotions in News Feed Experiment"

“Cupid’s Arrows Fly on Social Media, Too”

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