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Social Media

The Pros and Cons of Social Media Integration



-Forages relationships-Inspires a work environment-Inspires healthy competition-Make connections with people you don't know-Use information to figure out the wants and needs of others-Access infomration freely-Build communities of interest-Facilitate a student centered environment-Talk to people around the world

Lisa DavisUniversity of Phoenix Tech 508 May 18,2015

Social Media: What is it??A Collaborative and Responsive way of using the internet.There are many different types that fall in 4 different catergories:1) Collaborative- Wikis, Wikipedia, and shared input sites2) Networking sites- Linked In, FaceBook, Instagram, Snap Chat3) Blogs and educational course sites (Schoology)4)Content Communities- YouTube & Clash of Clans

Social Media in the Classroom Setting

-Potential for Cyber Bullying-Diminished self worth based on how you view others social media-Constant need to keep up with others (tweets posts)-Privacy concerns-Decline in personal face to face conversations-Private lives become personal-Develop an unclear vision of reality (editing photos, perfecting what isn't true, bias)


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