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Social Media Timeline

Social Media Revolution

Social media has changed the way that we connect and communicate as a society, which have changed the world we live in today.

Time Line


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In 984, the Prodigy online service was introduced and in 1985 The American Online, or as we know it as AOL, service opened

In 1994 EarthLink started up as an online service provider. Three years later Blogging begins, lets users create profiles and list friends, AOL Instant Messenger lets users chat, and Blackboard is founded as an online course management system for educators and learners. And in 1998 the world would change as Google started up their search engine.

As of 2013 Facebook user total reached 1.11 billion, Twitter has 500 million registered users, Tumblr reached 170 million users, Flickr climbed to 87 million users, Linkedln had 225 million users, MySpace reached 25 million users, Pinterest had 48.7 million users, Dropbox reached 100 million user, and Reddit had 69.9 million monthly users.

In 2002 Freiendstar started up and MySpace and Linkedin followed a year later. Facebook starts up and changes the game while Youtube comes along in 2005. A year later Twitter starts up, in 2007 Tumblr begins, and in 2010 Pinterest opens.

In 1971 the first e-mail was delivered. This was the first step to connecting people through the internet. In 1978, Two Chicago computer hobbyists invented the bulletin board system (BBS) to inform friends of meetings, make announcements and share information through posting


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  • unitedbronx6137058b9b57f 4 months ago

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    I can't say I like YouTube much. Or consider it to be any social media. I had a channel there and they simply killed it by closing down monetization changes for small channel. Twitch is much better in this respect.

  • 6138855dd71a86138855df3d0b 4 months ago

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    I share your views, brother. You can work your butt off in some video streamers and in a few years end up in a worse position than when you'd started. Better use Twitch and to start your path to the world-wide recognition. But I take it, your content is good, right?