Social Media Persuasion

by Famtastic
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Social Media Persuasion

Social Media: For Work and Play

I believe that social media is important for businesses.

Social networking increases productivity.

“Studies have shown that taking short breaks can make workers more productive, and hopping over to your Facebook page for five minutes to check friends' activities can be a quick and efficient way to "get away" mentally, even if you need to stay physically in place.”

You may be saying "How is that possible?" Well everyone needs a break once in a while and switching over to Facebook or Twitter for a few minutes takes far less time than getting up and going somewhere as a break.

Title: 10 ways to use social networking tools to promote your businessAuthor: Deb ShinderAddress:

Using social networking to promote companies increases sales.

43 percent of businesses say that sales increased when they used social networking.

Title: 2013 SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETINGINDUSTRY REPORTHow Marketers Are UsingSocial Media to GrowTheir Businesses Author: Michael A. Stelzner Address:

Part B:

I used Counterargument.

I used counterargument because it was the easiest to use and I constantly use it anyway.

I learned what the different techniques for persuading people are called.



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