Social Media In The Classroom

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Social Media In The Classroom

Social Media in the Classroom

Cons1.distraction of having social media in the classroom 2. cyberbullying3. the discouragement of face-to- face communication

Pros1. educational tools2. enhancing of student engagement3. improving communication among students and teachers4. preparing students for successful employment through social media

7 ways teachers can use social media in the classroom 1. Encourage students to share work socially. If they post the work on a blog or on twitter, the students can do peer editing. 2. Using a hashtag to facilitate guest speaker discussion. The students can write a blog describing the speaker’s presentation on the classroom social media and use the hashtag.3. Require the students to keep a blog. The teachers can require them to post on it once a week for a grade. 4. Require original expert sources. This is allowing the students to have a professional site that will help them with applications for college or work in the future. 5. Using google handouts. 6. Creating a social classroom on edmodo. This allows the students to participate in class while at home. Homework can be on this site. 7. Hold class in second life. This is a site that allows the students to interact and work together online from different rooms.

A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom

Teachers must watch what they post on Social Media. Social Media can be a good thing when used the right way.

It is up to the teacher and school to make the final decision on the use of social media in the classroom.


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