Social Media in SWK

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Social Media in SWK


Research Question 2


"I feel as though it benefitted my education & is easier to access and more fun than blackboard."

What were the students' perceptions regarding the use of Facebook Groups vs Blackboard Discussion Board?

Research Question 1

Research Question 3

In what ways did students utilize the Facebook Groups to promote student learning throughout the course?

"Facebook gives the students the opportunity to engage. It is very interactive."

"I read more articles that I wouldn't have read otherwise."


Summer L. Gainey, PhD, LCSW04.21.2016


A blended learning approach that combined weekly lectures with an asynchronous online environment using Facebook Groups was implemented. Qualitative and quantitative data were obtained from students' online posts and survey responses. Twenty-four students, all of whom had used Blackboard Disucssion Board previously, participated in the study.


Applying Course Content

Accessing Instructor


Using Social Media to Enhance Learning Opportunities in Social Work

Flipping the Classroom

Formative Assessment


OnlineAccess & Participation

What has been your experience with the use of Facebook Groups in the clssroom?How did you track student participation?

The integration of online and face-to-face learning environments, coupled with the use of soical media, have proven to be an effective way of facilitating learning (Ajjan & Hartshorne, 2008; Erdem and Kibar, 2014; Mason, 2006). This study examined the use of Facebook Groups to enhance student learning in a social work blended learning class.

Ethics &Social Media

Benefits: Real time response to studentsNotifications to phoneEasy to participate in discsussionsEasy to share materials on-the-goBroadened students' awareness of professionalism & social mediaChallenges:Managing student informationPersonal profile picture linkedData for student grades

In what ways did the instructor utilize Facebook Groups to promote student learning throughout the course?

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