Social Media And Me

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Social Media And Me

Digital Storytelling

I use these social medias to make use of my free time. I also use it to stay in touch with friends that I no longer see on a daily basis as well to just talk to my friends that I do see. I also use it to post things i know my followes wold enjoy.

Instagram is a super fun and easy way to connect with people through pictures. You post a picture and people can like and leave comments. If your profile is private you're only exposed to the people you allow but if it is public it is exposed to the whole instagram world. Instagram has a new direct message feature that allows you to communicate privately. Snapchat is another way to connect with people through pictures and messages that self distruct after seeing it for a limited amount of seconds. It allows people to share their daily lives through their "story" which stays up for 24 hours. Only people you accept can see your story or personally snap you.


social media & me

Why ?

1. I love animals2. Education is very important to me3. I enjoy doing hair 4. I like being the one in charge of things5. I get irritated when i can understand or do something correctly.


Whenever I'm bored or have free time I usually get on social media.

1. I am very quiet but when you get to know me I'm really open and goofy. 2. people tend to be intimidated by me because my natural face looks mean.3. I usually give great advice. 4. education means a lot to me and my family and I refuse to be a failure. 5. I have very high standards6. I have always been successful in the things I like doing and plan to be in the future7. I am not easily influenced but im very influencial.




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