Social Justice Leadership

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Social Justice Leadership

Social Justice Leadership is premised on the firm belief that education must empower all learners by providing equitable access, committing to successful student outcomes, challenging the status quo, and having a purposeful approach to teaching and learning.

Equititable Access

Social justice leadership "must be critically educative; it can not only look at the conditions in which we live, but it must also decide how to change them." (Shields, 567)


Social justice leadership goes beyond equal rights. It must "provide equitable educational opportunities to students across the dimensions of diversity." (Scanlon, 3)

"Social justice leadership theory attempts to reverse the historical trend of marginalization by providing leaders with the necessary 'dispositions and anlytical tools to advocate for a comprehensive curriculum beyond the dominant group's values about knowledge.' " (Kelsey, 86)


"Socially just leaders promote inclusive practices that are informed by research and make a stance against policies based on common sense and the rhetoric or cultural politics." (Kelsey, 86)

Students"need to have structural representation in order to maintain the energy needed for sustainted opposition." (Koschoreck, 166)

"[S]choools should construct a collective belief system about inclusiveness and culturally relevant practices at their site." (Kelsey, 96)

"We must not only invite students to join our community, we must give them a reason to stay connected, and to complete their degreee or certificate - to imagine their story and help see them through. There should be a happy ending. A goal met. A credential earned. A great job that follows." - Oakton Community College President Joianne L. Smith




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