Social Issues- Libya Lack of Women's Rights

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Social Issues- Libya  Lack of Women's Rights

Social Issues- LibyaLack of Women's Rights

Right to Vote: 1920First Women's Rights Group: 1955"Furthermore, traditional family laws maintained a discriminatory stance toward the position of women in Libya, notably disadvantaging women in areas concerning marriage, divorce, child custody and laws against sexual violence." -Gender Concerns InternationalAdhering to a cultural bias on gender roles, women were only allowed to be educated in the fields of health care, administration and light industrial work. This led to the exclusion of women from the political and economic fields, and directly contradicted earlier equality laws. - G.C.I.

-the number of women entering parliament through elections has increased-19 percent women participation in the House of Representatives-women who wish to travel abroad to be accompanied by a male guardian

-"A significant turning point occurred at the time of the revolution that rid our country of dictatorship. It is widely understood that Libyan women were instrumental in supporting the effort for freedom during the tumultuous revolution in Libya in 2011," ~Wafa Bughaighis

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