Social Interactions

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Social Interactions

Social Interactions

Competition takes place when two or more people, or a group debate, attack or fight each other to fulfill a goal that one can have.

Exchange takes place when people talk or interact with each other for something in return.

Using a force to harm, fight, attack or to control a person.

Cooperation is working together. One to two groups coming together to achieve a goal.

With the help of accommodation, conflict and cooperation are balanced.


Competion takes place in schools, companies, businesses and etc. Companies compete over having things to sell, and customers. Schools compete with one another to see, which school has intelligent teachers, athletic students, and by offered courses.






Example of exchange can be a waiter, who is polite and offers you some great things in order to get a tip or a thank you.

Conflict has some rules, but they are ignored. Example of conflict can be killing an enemy, or to fight a classmate.

If you work with a group or a team, together everyone achieves more.

Forms of accommodation are meditation,truce, compromise and arbitration.


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