Social Gatherings- 1920´s

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Social Gatherings- 1920´s

Social Gatherings- 1920's

Elderly WomenThe older generation of women in the 1920's were not the flappers running around drinking. These middle aged, but mostly elderly women enjoyed sitting around and quilting or chatting over tea. Mostly the women would make quilts during the winter when they could not get outside and do things. Women would get together to make these quilts out of necessity for warmth and it was aslo a time for them to gossip and learn about the happenings in the town.

Crosswords and MahjongDuring the 1920s people of all ages began to play these fun little games. Mahjong was the first game to come around that the people would play. It was played in groups and was a mix of dominoes and dice. People got tired of Mahjong, and luckily crossword puzzles were invented. People would sit around and make contests of the puzzles and who could complete them the fastest.

Marathon DancingThis is one of the most popular things done at social gatherings in the 20's. These were big competitions which had a grand prize up to thousands of dollars. The winner was the couple, or person that danced the longest, (hence marathon dancing). The competitions sometimes lasted for days as people refused to stop dancing. Dancing was a popular activity at a social gathering.

ChildrenChildren in the 1920' had a far different childhood than ours today. These children would often meet up in the neighborhood and play different games such as baseball or kick-the-can.

Teens and Young AdultsDuring the 1920's, teens and young adults became rather rebellious. They began to hang out with groups of friends rather than their families. They began to smoke and illegally drink.

WomenWith all the new technology and convienence items invented in the 1920's, women now have an abundant amount of free time. They now used this time to join book clubs, go shopping, and have dinner parties.

Rural vs. UrbanThe 1920's saw a huge split between the way of life inside and outside cities. The people who lived in small towns stuck to the old ways, supported prohibition, and their idea of social gatherings was events revolving around their church. Urban way of life was much different. They started to move away from old ways by dressing more provocatively, going to speakeasies, and even casually dating.

SpeakeasiesDuring prohibition, illegally run bars called speakeasies became the center of social gathering in cities. Due to the widespread disapproval of prohibition, everyone from criminals to police would go for a drink.


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