Social Entrepreneurial

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Social Entrepreneurial

Social Entrepreneurial Attitude

TeachersBuilds support and connections;Strengthens collaboration;Improves lessons and curriculum;

The CommunityContinuous involvement;Helping to improve lives of students ' others;Working together to solve world issues;

StudentsEhibits their creativity;Fosters accountability for choices and actions;Commitment to lifelong learning;

What can teachers do?- Inspire students to be lifelong learners!- Teach entrepreneurial skiils and traits.- Instill quality values within the students.- Place higher emphasis on communication skills.- Share what we've learned with everyone!

That Attitude!Brings more value to the school, increases students chance of success,motivates and inspires everyone to look at situations with a different approach.

Allows students to:1.) Implement their own goals and objectives.2.) Offer ways to exhibit their creative abilites.3.) Be accountable for their choices and actions.

Who's Affected?

The Reinvention!


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