Social Effects of Nuclear Weapons in Japan

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Social Effects of Nuclear Weapons in Japan

Public OpinionJapanese -People left terrified of nuclear weapons -Split social opinion-Some hate Americans and others remain indifferent about the ethics of the bomb-People felt humiliated by defeat

CityHiroshima -4.7 square mile radius of city abliterated-60% percent of buildings destroyed -Most Medical facilities destroyed Nagasaki-1 Mile radius of city destroyed -Fires rage throughout the city from the heat of the bomb and cause further destruction

Medical Efffects -Radiation causes irreversible damage in the cellls of victims Medical Conditions include-Leukemia-Cataracts -Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea -Blood Cell loss-Extreme heat from explosion resulted in extensive skin damage/burns -Japanese exposed to radiation live with constant threat to health-Victims show physiological and social handicaps including: irrational fear, emotional imbalance, breakdowns *Japanese are physicall and emotionally scared for generations

Deaths/ Casualties Hiroshima -80,000 killed immediatly at time of bomb-10,000 more die to expose Nagasaki -40,000 killed immediatly at time of bomb*Out of 109,000 studied exposure victims 25,924 died *Mortality rate of 24%

Youth-Children born with deformities -Physical damage(Stature, Weight, Body&Head size abnormal)-Emotionally and intellectually retarded -Face handicaps into adulthood

Hardships of Public-Constant medical expenses for victims-Injuries leave many unable to work-Economically unstable-Victims are descriminated by other Japanese nonvictims -Initial bomb killed 90% of doctors and nurses in Hiroshima -No one to care for victims -Countless victims left unattened and suffered-Damage of Hiroshima wasn't broadcasted by Japan's governement to keep people fighting-2nd bomb dropped on Nagasaki doubling damage on the public

Social Effecs of Nuclear Weapons on Japan

Choices& Social EffectsThe dropping of the nuclear bomb and its social effects were results from a choice to use a nuclear weapon on Japan. On July 30, 1945 Harry Truman made a choice to aproove the use of the most destructive weapon ever seen by man. He decided that the use of the bomb was neccesary in order to end the war, and in that regards it was a success. However, the amount of destruction and the total effects on the people from the bomb could have not been predicted. The decision to use the atomic bomb was contraversial and has it's pros and cons. Ultimatly affected a great deal of Japanese people for generations in a negative way leaving permaninte damage on the city, people, and envirmonet and how they interact with each other.

This photo shows the true effects of the bombing of Nagasaki

A photograph taken a day after the an atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki displaying the total destruction of the city

This photo displays the ruins of Nagasaki, Japan after being boombed

This Photograph shows the har and burns that radiation does to the body

In this photo a victim is recieving treatment for their burns

For Further Learning! Check Out:Parts of Harry Truman's Diary and his thoughs that lead him to drop the atomic bomb. great youtube clip about Hiroshima!


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