Social Development From One to Three

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Social Studies

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Social Development From One to Three

The rules will probably center on teaching respect for self, others,and for things. For example, "throwing toys"."Don't hit people".

Establis a basic set of rulers to guide sosial behavior

Author: Estefania Rodriguez

Social Developmenent from One to Three....

You might show a child pictures of people's face with a variety of expression. Ask the child to guess how the person in the picturesmight be feeling, such as sad or angry. Talking about what these feeling mean can help the child develop empathy. Also, talk to the child about how you are feeling.

Help children understand and respect others' feelings

Childre are greatimitators. They learn best by being shown what to do rather that by just being told. For instance, parents who talk politely to others are more likely to get their chilldren to do so.

Model good social skills

Title: Social skills

Show respect for other people's belongings

Show children how to use words rather than physically striking out.

Help children learn specific sosial skills.

Tell a child, for example, not to touch grandma's flower vase, because it might get broken. This would make grandma very sad.

Explain how using appropriate words when they are angry is better than hitting or shoving.

Demonstrate how to share a toy, wait for a turn, and be kind to one another.


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