Social Darwinism

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Social Darwinism

Herbet SpencerA sociologist that pushed the theory because he was so intreged with natural selection. He often used the phrase "survival of the fittest". Herbert was also a biologist and a philosopher that is said to of mentioned evolution before Darwin did.

Social Darwinismbasically stated that there will always be poverty and a rich person at the top. Sumner claimed that the government helping out the poor was against the laws of nature. As you can tell, this was a belief most wealthy buissmen would think of. Believed that man can never overcome the law of survival of the fittest, that we can never get rid of it.

Sumner stated in his essay "sociology" that social darwinism is built out of two things; "the strugle for existince" and "compotition for life". It's the battle between man v man and man v nature.

Social Darwinism?It's survival of the fittest, not out in the wild,but out in society. The amount of money or land can put you in a certain level in society. The term "Social Darwinism" first appeared in 1877 but people started to use it in 1944.

William Graham SumnerHe was said to be the first that "held the first proffesorship in sociology". Some of his major acomplishments where diffusion, folkways, and ethnocentrism. Folkways are routines and the interactions of people.Ethnocentrism judging another cultuer based on your own morals or cultuer. He claimed in his writtings that sociology and biology are the same things.



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