Social Cohesion in Australia

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Social Cohesion in Australia

The Australia you have grown up in is a tolerant and inclusive society. It is a society that encourages the demonstration of cultural and religious identity. As we see later in this topic, it is a society that uses legal mechanisms to protect individual freedoms and fight against all forms of discrimination. Modern Australian communities are culturally. Although some new migrants do prefer to establish themselves in small groups, the majority of Australian communities are composed of a wide variety of ethnicities. The way in which these communities have developed and continued to exist peacefully is itself an example of social cohesion within Australia.Numerous examples of social cohesion can be seen in everyday Australian life. On a walk around your neighbourhood you might see churches, mosques, synagogues or other religious buildings.


Australia is often described as ‘the lucky country’. In modern Australian culture, this phrase has come to refer to our abundance of natural resources and our good weather, relatively peaceful history and tolerant society. It is interesting then that the man who coined this phrase meant it as an ironic criticism of Australian society. Author and social commentator Donald Horne believed that the positive aspects of Australian life had been gifted to us, rather than earned. Whether you agree with Horne’s criticism or not, Australian society can be perceived as lucky. In many ways, our society should not function as well as it does. With so many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, it is reasonable to assume that civil conflict would regularly occur. However, although Australian society has not been without social problems, the level of cohesion within Australia is relatively high.

1.Cohesive Society

5.1- Living in a cohesive society

Modern societies are both dynamic and delicate. They can expand and contract, stand together or fall apart. With nearly all Australian communities containing a complex mix of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, there exists significant potential for civil unrest. What stops this violence from occurring is a concept referred to as social cohesion. Often described as the glue which holds society together, social cohesion is defined by an OECD report as ‘a force which fights exclusion and marginalisation, creates a sense of belonging and promotes trust within communities.’ Social cohesion is not an official government policy and nor does it take one specific form. Instead, there are several ways in which it can be demonstrated in Australian communities.

2.What is a cohesive society?

There are designated areas in the supermarket for Italian, Asian and Indian food. A crowded citybound train carries people from countless cultural backgrounds. These examples exist because our communities have developed to be inclusive and tolerant. The sense of belonging that is felt and encouraged in Australian society exists only because of the mechanisms that have been put in place to protect individual freedoms.




3.Social cohesion in Australia

1) In your own words, define social cohesion.2) Make a list of the examples of social cohesion you have seen today3) Despite the irony surrounding the phrase’s origin, Australia is often referred to sincerely as ‘the lucky country’. Do you believe this is a suitable nickname for Australia? Explain your answer.4) As immigration rates continue to increase, Australian society is at an interesting time in its development. How do you think increased immigration rates will affect social cohesion in Australia?




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