Social Changes - Puberty

by Kirskaye
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Social Studies

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Social Changes - Puberty

Throughout puberty, there will be drama. It might be that a close friend is moving to another country, or that the tickets to see your favourite band was sold out. Drama is caused by the quality of people that surround you and at times because of making poor choices in life. Along with this drama comes responsibility, which you will have more than when you were a child, and independence. These qualities are with you during your whole life, so it is an important path to take while you are still developing.

Friendships/Relationships Since you are still trying to figure out who you are, your relationships with others might change. You may start to have relationships with the opposite sex and also begin to make new friends, while letting go of others. It is okay to leave your old friends behind if you don't feel comfortable enough with them. If you stay with a group of friends that don't make you feel as you should, then you might potentially become more depressed in life.

More Drama, Responsibilities...

Social NetworkingDuring puberty, you may want to spend more time on social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, rather than talking to your family. This might be because you want to chat to your friends online, for you consider that your friends are more important to you than your family. You might also start to make new friends through social networking, although some of the information about them may be false.

More Rebellious/Peer PressureAnother thing that happens during puberty is when you become more rebellious. You start to ignore your parents more often and say things that your they wouldn't have agree on. You may also start to push the boundaries, and do more things that you shouldn't do, only because your 'friends' are doing it. For example, you might start drinking and smoking because your friends think that it's 'cool'.

It's like an emotional rollercoaster!

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