Social and ethical Issues on Human Genes Therapy

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Social and ethical Issues on Human Genes Therapy

Examples: -Will the high cost of therapy only be available to the wealthy?-Should human gene therapy be allowed to enhance human features such as ability, height or intelligence?-Could the widespread use of gene therapy make society less accepting of people who are different?

Because human therapy involves changing of the human body, it has raised ethical issues. Germline gene therapy (to allow cells to be passed on to other generations) is controversial as it would allow genetic disorders in future generations and there might be long term side effects that are be to be discovered. The future generations would also not be able to choose whether to have the treatment.

Social Issues in Human Genes Therapy

Gene Therapy-Cortical Structure

Splitting of genetics

Use of Genetically Modified Stem Cells in Experiment Gene Therapies


It is not certain but scientists believe that the increase in medical knowledge will allow greater changes in human medical needs.By advancing our knowledge, we could be on the verge of creating super human race who are immune to every disease/affliction.


-can control or eliminate hereditary diseases-may be used to create a superior race, and regulations will be hard to control-cost of gene therapy is high-any miscalculation could cause a risk of a new disease such as cancer to form.-Animal cruelty (mutilated and/or killed for experiments)

Future Scope


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