Socail Studies Brazil

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Social Studies

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Socail Studies Brazil

Brazil (Natural World)The Five Themes By:Faith Sexton


Barriers to trade

Theme 2. Region

Theme 5. movement

What I learnedWhat I learning about was there culure and languages. I also learned there what there culture is, which is very neat and cool. What I likeWhat I liked is the animals at Brazil that you can see at zoos and also there culture.

The first theme is location. First is relative location , which is hempishers, continent, compass rose, oceans, borders, and nieghbors.The hempishers are northern and western hempishers. The continent Brazil is in is in South America. Brazils oceans are Atlantic ocean. The borders are ever contry but two. they are Urguay, Argentine, Paraway, Boliva, Peru, Colomia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. The Nieghbors are chile and ecuador.The second theme is region. Region is for the natural world. The key word is Unifying Charaistes. Region has climate, vegation, and also minerals. the climate in Brazil is hot and humid. The vegation is deserts and rainforests. Brazils minerals are iron, iron ore, gold, oil, and silver.The third theme is place. place is for the natural world. The third theme has landforms, platues, hills, forests, mountains, and plains. Brazils landforms are platues, hills, forests, mountains, and plains. Brazils platues are Chapada and Guiana shield. The hills are called the rio hill. there plains are called the coastal plain. The fourth theme is Interaction. The key word is abdaption for the natural world. The fourth theme includes natural resoures and animals. The natural resours are iron ore, gold, oil, and mica. The animals at brazil are parrots, birds, frogs, and tigers. You can find these animals at the zoo or in the wild.The firth theme is movement, which is for the natural world. The firth theme includes mountains, barries to trade, deserts, and also distance. There mountains are the sertao mountain and the sugar mountain. The barries to trade are oceans and sometimes land. There deserts are called the lencois marhese. The distance of Brazil is 3.3 million square mile.

Relative location

Theme 1.Location

Physical, climate, and vegation

Theme 4. Interaction

Theme 3. place




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