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Things I Don't Know About Mama...What is SOOF?

SO B. It A book by Sarah WeeksBook Talk GlogsterBy Mrs. Turner

Setting: Part of this story takes place in Reno, where Heidi lives, and the other part takes place in Liberty, NY where Heidi goes to find the truth. It all happens when Heidi is twelve years old.

Who is the mysterious woman in the red reindeer sweater? Heidi has her eyes. Could this woman be Heidi's grammy?

Heidi's mom is mentally handicapped. She can't read, write, or work with numbers. Heidi calls her Mama, but Bernadette calls her Precious Bouquet. She calls herself So B. It.

Heidi It....She's the main character, a 12 year old girl who just wants to know the truth about her past, and is not afraid to go looking for it!,r:4,s:28&tx=87&ty=65

Bernadette is Heidi's neighbor who lives in the apartment next to her. Bernie takes care of Heidi and her mother. One interesting thing about Bernadette is that she has agoraphobia and will not leave her house.

The author: Sarah Weeks



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