Sobibor Death Camp

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Sobibor Death Camp

Sobibor was a Nazi death camp located in Southern Poland. 250,000 Jews were murdered at this camp.

Sobibor Death Camp

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In this video, archeologists are recovering the remains of the gas chamber which used to stand in the Sobibor death camp, where thousands of Jews were murdered.

Paraphrase 1:The Sobibor death camp was built in March 1942 and was operated May 1942 through October 1943. The purpose of the camp was to rapidly kill Jews- as many as possible. The camp was built in Sobibor, conveniently placed close to railroad tracks(Louis Bulow).

A map of the Sobibor Death Camp in southern Poland made by survivor Jules Schelvis.

Paraphrase 2:The village of Sobibor is currently located close to the eastern border of Poland. When the area was occupied by the Germans it was known as the Lublin District (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum).

The Sobibor Camp entrance in southern Poland. It is known to have killed 250,000 Jewish people during the Holocaust.

The Auschwitz Extermination camp located in southern Poland. It is known to have killed over a million Jewish people during the Holocaust.

This Glogster is dedicated to all the people who perished in the Holocaust and the survivors of the Holocaust.

by: Venkatesh Satheeskumar

"After the Jews had entered the gas chambers, the Ukrainians closed the doors, the motor was switched on by the Ukrainian Emil Kostenko and by the German driver Erich Bauer from Berlin," said SS Officer Kurt Bolender. "After the gassing, the doors were opened and the corpses were removed by a group of Jewish slave workers.”

Quote by SS Officer Kurt Bolender.

Vocabulary Word:Inhumanity- Extremely cruel and brutal behaviorInjustice- An unjust act or occurence


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