Sobibor Death Camp

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Sobibor Death Camp

Gas Chambers

Revolt group that killed several officers on October 14, 1943


March 1942-May 1942 - Sobibor is consructed near Chlem-Wlodawa rail line May 3, 1942- SS starts to deport Jews; many die upon arrival. Some Jews are selected to survive to help with mass murders July 19, 1942 - The killing program accelerates October 1942 - Deportaions continue and gas chambers are added. A railway trolley took sick, dead, and unable to walk people to the open ovens.Anyone still alive was shot. March 5,April and July-October 1943 - Deporations from the Netherlands, France, and ghettos from occupied Soviet Union. October 14, 1943 - Prisoners in camp began a revolt, killing about a dozen german staff and Trawniki trained guards. Of 600 prisoners left in camp, 300 escaped. SS and police personel recaptured and shot about 100 prisoners. November 4 1943 - January 5 1944 - Operation reinhard ends.

Germans and their auxiliaries killed atleast 167,000 people at Sobibor The gas chambers could hold 160-180 people. Sobibor was the second death camp to be built as part of the Aktion Reinhard programme. Atkion Reinhard was codename for the extermination of Polish Jewry during the years 1942-1943 Branches woven into the barbed wire fence and trees planted around the perimeter camoflaged the camp.

Thomas Blatt, Sibibor survivor recalls,"I polished SS boots as dying people screamed."

Sobibor Death Camp


Sobibor death camp

Quote From Survivor

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