Soap experiment

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Soap experiment

Constants: number of minuets cooked in the microwave, the microwave, measurement procedure

Dependant Variable: the type of bar soap used

Which soap will make the most foam: Dial or Ivory?



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What I think will happen?

Soap advertisements appear to make one’s product able to produce more foam than the other, are the advertisements true? Which soap would foam better: Dial or Ivory?

Before Microwaving Dial IvoryLength (l) 3.5 inches 3.25 inchesHeight (h) 1 inch .8 inchWidth (w) 2.25 inches 2.25 inches Volume = l x w x h 7.88 inches 5.85 Inches Dial: Hard, smooth, plastic feel. Has curves for handholds, large Dial imprinted into the soap, smelled nice Ivory: Soft, soapy feel, sharp corners, no grips, small ivory logo print on it. easily broken, smelled nice After Microwaving Dial IvoryLength (l) 6 inches 12 inchesHeight (h) 3 inches 2 inchesWidth (w) 4 inches 7 inches Volume = l x w x h 72 inches 168 inches Dial: Grew, was very hot but when it was cooled it hardened, easily held in one hand. Smelled bad Ivory: it tripled in size immediately Extremely soft and impossible to keep together. Easily peels apart. Like bread croissant. Very difficult to hold with 2 hands. Smelled bad

1.Measure both soaps’ length, width, and height.2.Record the measurements of each.3.Calculate the volume by multiplying the length, width and height together.4.Place the Ivory soap on a paper plate.5.Place the paper plate in the microwave for 2 minutes.6.Watch what happens to the soap.7.Remove from the microwave and take the same measurements you made in step 1.8.Record your results.9.Repeat steps 1-9 for Dial.



What happened

1 bar Ivory soap1 bar Dial soap2 Paper platesMicrowaveMeasuring tape or ruler


Ivory bar soap will foam more when microwaves than Dial bar soap because Ivory soap is advertised as a better product & it is more expensive.



Constants and Variable

The reason that the Ivory swells and creates more foam than the Dial soap is because Ivory is full of more air pockets than Dial is. The bar of soap itself seems to weigh less than other soaps. Microwaving softens the soap, heats the water and air inside to expansion.

The Ivory Soap made the most foam when heated

Extending Learning:Science is a never-ending learning process. Explore if foaming makes a difference in the product’s cleaning ability. Why would a soap company want their product to foam?



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