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So B. It

So B. ItBy: Sarah WeeksReport By: Ella Scherock

On a rainy night in February, a young mother with an infant knocked on Bernadette’s door. The young mother was mentally disabled, so Bernadette made a bottle to help soothe the baby. When the visitors left, Bernadette realized they were next door neighbors! Ever since, Bernadette was like family to both of them. The baby’s name was Heidi, and the mother’s name was So B. It. As Heidi grows older, she and Bernie keep track of all the words that mama has spoken. She was at 23 words, but there was one word that only mama says, and she says it a lot, “Soof”. Heidi was curious what her mother was trying to say when she speaks it. Heidi was also very curious about her past and kept a notebook of all the things she knows and wants to know. Heidi found an old red Christmas sweater in the back of her mother’s closet and wondered who it belongs to. Then, in a drawer, Heidi discovered an old camera with used film. She had the film developed, and saw pictures of her mother at a party at Hilltop Homes in Liberty, New York. One of the photographs shows her mother with another woman wearing the same sweater she just found in the closet. Bernie speculates that the woman could be her Grandmother. After many phone calls to Hilltop Homes, Heidi decided to visit Hilltop Homes to learn the truth. Heidi sets on her journey on the bus and meets many new people along the way. When Heidi finally arrives at Hilltop Homes, she discovers that her journey has only just begun.



Heidi – Heidi is a teenage girl with messy brown hair and brown eyes. She is determined to learn about her past.Mama- Mama is Heidi’s mentally disabled mother who knows only 23 words. When asked her name, she will always reply that her name is So .B. It.Bernadette- Bernadette (also known as Bernie) is Heidi’s neighbor in the apartment building. Bernie has Agoraphobia, which is a fear of going places. She will never leave the apartment. Elliott- A mentally disabled man living at Hilltop Homes.Georgia- A girl going to college in New York riding the bus with Heidi.Ron and Ruby- A married couple. Ron is a policeman and Ruby works at Hilltop Homes.Thurman Hill- Thurman is Elliott’s dad and the owner of Hilltop Homes.

The story begins in a small, rundown apartment in Reno, Nevada with a friendly next door neighbor named Bernadette. Heidi takes a long journey on a train to New York City to find Hilltop Homes, a home for the mentally disabled.

I really enjoyed So B. It because the author made me feel the same emotions that Heidi felt. When she was sad, I was sad. When she was happy, I was really happy. I realized how it felt to have a parent with mental disabilities and how curious I would be about my life. I felt myself predicting the next event and I was always wrong, which made me love all the suspense and unexpected twists. I would give this book a 5 out of 5 because it had so many surprises and after I started the book, I couldn’t stop reading it. So be it!




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