Snowy Owl

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Snowy Owl

This is a male. The male is a lot more white than the female.It is born a grayish color then grows out of it when he gets older.They have some black on their back but not alot.

The Snowy Owl

baby Snowy Owls

This is a female because she is mostly black.She is a lot taller than the male snowy owls and their sound is alot higher pitched .They have a white face and keep their wing color and back color their whole life.

This isn't just a regular bird,they live almost everywhere on ground.Airport fields,beach dunes,tundra, and Great Plains.They love treeless places.

A guy once saw a Snowy Owl lying at the edge of a ice hole, where it waited for fish to be in sight then would catch the fish using it's feet.

This owl is the largest owl in North America by weight.It weighs 4 pounds.It lives up to 9 1/2 years to 10 years.

The predators are the Arctic Fox,Corvids,jaegers,Gray wolves,and even dogs so the parents are garding their nest safely.


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