[2014] Tessa H (Ms. Pollard): snowy owl

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[2014] Tessa H (Ms. Pollard): snowy owl

SNOWY OWL (Bubo Scandiacus)is a white owl with grey stripes,yellow eyes,a black beak and talons covered in feathers.Its nickname is ghoast owl due to camoflauge.They have fast wings to help them glide and fly away with prey or from predators.Its adaptations are serreted wings,feet with feathers, thick plumage and colour.

Baby snowy owls are grey and fade to white as they get older but still have some little grey stripes.

INTERESTING FACTS*Snowy Owls will nest on the ground.*They run or pounce on there prey(no joke)..*Snowy Owls can sit for hours on end.*Snowy Owls are small but strong.*Females are darker than males.*Largest bird of the North Arctic Circle.*Both parents are in charge of the protection of there young.

DIETthe snowy owl feeds on birds,bird eggs,rabbits,mice and other small rodents



Snowy owls will find an abandoned nest and bring it to the ground,but if it is an abandoned snowy owl nest they will keep it there.

Baby Snowy Owls in their nest.

The snowy owl is an offence owl so it attacks their predators.

WING SPANThe Snowy Owls wing span is 49-59" long.

A Snowy Owl baby and mother spend some time together.

A Snowy Owl pouncing on a mouse.

PREDATORSThe Snowy Owl predators include the Artic Wolf, Humans, Polar bears and Dogs.

MIGRATIONThe Snowy Owl migrates from medium to long distance migration.Theirmigration spots include Southeastern Canada,Great Lakes State and New England. In extreme years they can go as far south as Texas and Florida.

The Snowy Owl is not in danger of going extinct because their are lots of Snowy Owls in their habitats.

CREDITS*Birds Flight*Wikipedia*allabout birds.org* owlling*google*bing

HABITATThe Snowy Owl lives in Alaska,Greenland,Canada,Russiaand the North Arctic Circle.In these lands they have lots of food. They live in nests on a slanted area or on a boulder.

LIFE CYCLEThe mother lays 2-14 eggs.The eggs take about 4-5 weeks to hatch. In the wild Snowy Owls can live up to 10 years in the wild. They can live up to 28 yearsin captive.




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