snowflakes acrostic

by bellstuff
Last updated 9 years ago

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snowflakes acrostic


ix-sided doilies, too tiny for mice

ot only well-crafted, but all made of ice

ccuring as flat-plated crystals combine

hite flakes fall in infinite styles of design

ormed when the temp falls below 32

ighter than raindrops and drier than dew

ll finally settle if the ground's frozen too

ind of like blankets on a winter's night do

ach flake, like a warm fiber, traps in some air

o whatever snow covers, it's warm under there!

I would love to give credit to the author of this wonderful acrostic, but I have not been able to discover his or her name. I inherited this from previous 7th grade English teachers at Bob Jones Academy, so I have no idea who wrote it. However, I think it's a fantastic acrostic!