[2014] Student 16: Snowboarding

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[2014] Student 16: Snowboarding

Getting StartedWhen you are looking to buy a snowboard, you should look at a board that is the right size, not the looks of it. looks are good but you should get a board that is the right size so you are comfortable when you are riding. The right size for a snowboard is about at your nose or chin. If you are a beginner, then be prepared to fall a lot. For example, when I was just starting out, I fell a lot too. You should wear gloves or mittens, Snowboarding boots, which you can buy at any or most snowboarding stores, a warm and waterproof jacket, and a helmet. There is no such thing as being too safe. Once, my brother broke his wrist from snowboarding. You should consider buying wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads. You should pack some hand and toe warmers in case it gets too cold. You also might want thick, warm socks to wear in your snowboarding boots.

The slope When you're at the mountain of your choice or “the slope” which some people call it, you will have to go to the main building to get your tickets.If you don't own a snowboard, then you can rent a snowboard, boots, and a helmet at the front desk where you get your tickets. Its also a good idea to buy lessons if you are a beginner. Most mountains mark their trails with different colored shapes. For example, some basic shapes are green circles for easy trails, blue squares for harder trails, black diamonds for very difficult trails, and double black diamonds for expert trails.

Terrain ParkA terrain park compared to a normal trail is that a terrain park has jumps and rails. Different mountains have different parks. Some have bigger jumps or bigger rails. Some might have more box rails than normal rails or vise versa.Some mountains have a mini park which is a less intimidating terrain park which might have smaller jumps, smaller box rails and shorter normal rails. Also, the terrain is more spread apart.


If you are a beginner to snowboarding, this is the article for you.

ConclusionI hoped you people liked this article. Always be safe and have a good time when you go snowboarding.

Snowboarding gear.

Terrain park

Pat's Peak Mountain map

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