Snow leopards

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Snow leopards

The snow leopard camouflauges their selfs with their spots and white fur. Their white fur blends in with the snow.

The Snow Leopard

Snow Leopards are carnivores. They hunt and eat rodents,monkey,birds,sheep, and goat.

A snow leopards eyes are mostly blue.Their tails are really thick.They have wide feet so they can walk through snow easily.They have long smoky grey/tan fur.

As a snow leopard grows their paws get wider, this helps them walk through snow. When the cub is a full grown adult, their tail is 31-39 inches long.

Snow leopards can jump up to 30 feet! They have the ability to run up to 40 mph. They are no where near as fast as a cheetah. Snow leopards moan,hiss, and growl.

Snow leopards have a gestation period of 90-100 days. So cubs are born alive.Cubs oopen their eyes about 7 days after birth.

Baby snow leopards look just as adult snow leopards. Only smaller. Their eyes are blue, have really thick fur, and when born they have smoky grey/white fur.

The snow leopards communicate with scent and with a certain noise described as a huffing noise.

Snow leopards live in the mountains of Central Asia. Snow leopards habitat is rugged and remote. Here is a picture of the snow leopard range.

Humans are snow leopards biggest enemies. Humans hunt them for their fur. Humans are the reason snow leopards are now extinct. Their wildlife enemy is the wolf.

The snow leopard has spots to blend in with its surroundings. It also has white fur to blend in with the snow. They have big paws to help them walk through snow also.

Their habitat is rock, grassy, cold and there are mant trees in the mountains of Central Asia.


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