Snow Leopard

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Snow Leopard

FUN FACTS Snow leopard has a long tail that used to shelter.

HABITATSnow leopard lives in the mountains of Central Asia at a height of 6000 meters.

snow leopard

FOOD HABITSSnow leopad hunting of day and he attacks all kinds of wild animals.

FUN FACT snow leopards are sometimes killed by farmers, but also hunted for their skin

FUN FACTSThese animals rarely get to meet a human being, such cases helped hide its excellent camouflaje.

GEOGRAPHY DISTRIBUTIONSow leopard lives in the mountains of Asia

WEIGHTThe adult snow leopard weighs between 33,8 and 48 pounds.

SIZESnow leopard is about 1 to 1.05 m in length, more 75-100 cm tail.


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