Snow Leopard

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Snow Leopard

Carnivore: Eats deer, sheep, goats, and other wild animals.

~39-51 inches long from nose to tail.~Have long and thick fur.~Short forelimbs, and long hind limbs~Grey/White/Black

Problem:The people in Asia are killing leopards for their bones,skin, and organs for medicine. Also, farmers pushed their livestock into the leopard's habitat. These things are limiting the cat's population.

Solution: Donate money for the animal preservations, or "adopt" a snow leopard so people can help make these cats safe.

They live in the mountains of Central Asia. They like high, steep, rocky places, with few plants.

Snow Leopards are pregnant for about 100 days, and give birth to 1-5 cubs at a time.

Snow Leopard(Panthera Uncia):Endangered SpeciesBy:Whitney GuthrieMod:6

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