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Snow leopard Glog

Threats-Poaching-Retribution killings-Loss of habitat and prey-Mining

Habitat - Only 4,000 to 6,500 snow leopards left in the wild - Prefer broken terrain of cliffs, rocky outcrops, and ravines- Live in the high, rugged mountains of Central Asia.

This is a map of where they live

Red indicates their habitat


Prey-Most important prey are bharal and Asiatic ibex , a large wild goat- Eat grass, twigs, and other vegetation-Take 3 or 4 days to consume a prey animal

Snow LeopardsBy: Sara Huang

Behavior-Are shy, elusive cats with solitary nature-Most active at dawn and dusk-Not aggressive towards humans -Even if disturbed while feeding, it's more likely to run away than try to defend the site

A snow leopard is eating its prey.

Snow leopards are endangered!

Protect the Snow Leopard-go to to donate-adopt a wild animal-speak up for wildlife

Two young snow leoards play with each other.


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