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Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped-tube called a snorkel, and usually fins.

-When people snorkel you can either jump off the side of the boat into the water, or you can go off the ladder.-Also, the key thing to do while snorkeling is to stay relaxed in the water.-Snorkeling just takes practice just like anything else. The more comfortable you are in the water, the better it will be. -Definitely practice your breathing. It is essential to be able to not panic and stay calm with this task. -Most importantly, stay in your comfort zone. You don't havr to go beyod any limit. Just enoy it.

When people go snorkeling it is especially fun to go with your friends. Last year I went snorkeling when I went on vacation with my friends and had such a good time. We were able to snorkel and see one of the ships that sank in world war 11. We were also able to touch the coral and it was such a cool experience.


Things you see while snorkeling:

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